Coral Reefs

A coral reef is comparable to a city.  The foundation of a coral reef, is a community of coral animals, which  serve as the ‘high-rise’ condominiums inhabited by other animals such as fish and invertebrates. The number of animals living within a coral reef aid local and global communities. It is estimated that  1/3 of all fish species call a coral reef home during their life time. The following photos showcase just a handful of organisms that call a coral reef home.

Coral animals are the colorful foundation of a reef.

Nemo and some of his close cousins in their carpet anemone homes. Clownfish such as these will spend their whole lives in one anemone.

Unlike clownfish, sharks and rays have a larger home range, but still are dependent on the resources within a reef for survival.

Different types of fish (top to bottom: Pendant Butterflyfish, Freckled Hawkfish, & a Toby) that inhabit reefs